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At Centennial College, extra invigilators for exams come from professors volunteering their own time to help their colleagues with their exams. These invigilators are usually required to help distribute papers, collect papers, and to supervise to reduce cheating. Currently, the process of assigning invigilation duties for each examination that requires it is done manually. To avoid inconveniencing the volunteering professors, additional invigilation duties are usually assigned to the same days that these professors are invigilating their own exams. This manual process is laborious and is far from ideal. The time and effort involved can cost a lot of financing, where a simple computer system can increase production.

The current process involves a team of people going through every exam and looking at what they require: Room type, size of class, availability, invigilators required, etc. and cross-reference it against availabilities to fill the system, the new system in its finished state will help procure and distribute help to the professors who request that help by automating the process and allowing staff to focus attention on acquiring required rooms.

The system, once implemented, will directly contribute to the ease of access of requesting help within an exam, as well as getting feedback that request has been fulfilled sooner then waiting much longer for the paper trail to return. Also, the system possesses the capacity to naturally expand beyond invigilators and into the complete exam distribution from rooms, locations, professors, and invigilators.

The system initially wont have information that is transferrable between the college computer systems, other then reading in the employees emails, however future expansion may require a deeper integration with the system, requiring deeper information sharing within the network.

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